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Nutrifarms can help you as a homeowner to turn your property into a beautiful, edible landscape. Our experts complete everything from A-Z; including installation, planting, maintenance, harvesting, and delivery. 

As a grower your produce is harvested by Nutrifarms and centralized at the Nutrihub where it gets cleaned, sorted, weighed, and packaged. This means that your family has access to a diverse offering of produce as Nutrifarms will trade your excess cucumbers for someone else’s excess of oranges. The net value of YOUR produce is added to your digital Nutrifarms account. After providing for your family, at this time, you as a grower can make the decision on how you’d like to share.

  1. Offer the produce for sale through our platform at market price to generate an additional revenue stream for your family
  2. Offer to sell it at a heavily discounted rate to families that cannot afford to buy fresh food
  3. Donate it to local charities or institutions