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Interior designers!

We know this is not news to you, but we are looking to go into this new month and beginning spring with a new outlook on mushrooms. Seems we’re not the only ones who are so obsessed with mushrooms we could wear them. Bebe Howorth of Elle Decor Magazine wrote an article on the ‘shroom boom’ and we would have to agree. There is not only a huge trend (still) with mushrooms, but now the art and design world are flourishing and spreading like the fungus itself. 

Who would have thought you’d want mushrooms in your living room? Maybe you don’t want live ones growing, but you’ll definitely want some pictures of some.

Betsy Olmstead, (2022) Mushroom wallpaper

Mushrooms had their moment in the sun, but they weren’t just popular Howorth also said “Mushroom stools were a popular item in the early 19th century and have had their moments since the psychedelic 1970s” (Howorth, 2021). Many people who are fascinated with this trend aren’t even enthusiasts on the health benefits. Some people like mushrooms just because they’re “cool” and that’s okay. 

We believe mushrooms are back and are staying. Whether that is a new version of mushroom coffee or a new mushroom art print, mushrooms are in! 

So, if you haven’t hopped on the mushroom train, what are you waiting for? 

– Nutrifarms

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