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Find Out What You Can Do With Your Space

Do you want to learn how you can turn your back and front yard into a beautiful landscape built with only edible flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits?

Imagine having access to fresh, organic produce for you and your family, grown right here in your own backyard. Our team designs with your input, aesthetics and taste in mind, we install, maintain, harvest and replant – aka we do it all from A-Z.

You only need about 200 sq ft of growing space per person in your family so you’ll likely be able to grow more than you need for your family and friends so let us help you.

We can sell your access produce through our channels, helping you offset any maintenance cost you have or maybe even generate an extra income for your family. Alternatively, you can allow us to donate your excess produce to those in need within your community.

The choice is yours, we execute the work and keep track of everything for you.

So how does it work?

The first step is to have a solid plan, introducing the Nutrifarms Home Assessment. A detailed and personalized overview that shows you exactly what is possible with your space. 

The Nutrifarms Home Assessment includes:

  • Orientation Meeting:
    Dream Landscape Discussion including a quick sketch* of how you might include your dream elements into your landscape in an elegant and resourceful way. Examples of elements are:
    • Zen Garden
    • Herb Garden
    • Your family’s favorite fruits and vegetables
  • Micro-Climate Zones
    A personalized map of your property identifying your prime growing locations charted per micro-climate allowing for the best yield per square foot
  • Edible Zone Chart
    Allocations on the sketch that highlight some of your favorite edibles and where they will produce best in your yard.
  • Water-Harvesting Assessment
    including productive potentials of your greywater and rainwater resources and a discussion on how to easily tap into each.
  • Soil Nutritional Analysis Kit
    Know and improve your soil health. We measure 13 key indicators to maximize the nutritional value of your soil. The test includes the PH level of the soil, 10 key nutritional components and the ability to retain them. 

* Please note that a “quick sketch” is just that, a rough, quick sketch often made by pen on paper with rough allocations. This is not a landscape design that is pro-rated accurately and has all the features a full design would have.

Upon completion of the assessment, we schedule a follow-up meeting with you to go over the results together. Additionally we’ll discuss how much space you’ll need to dedicate to edibles to feed your family and what you want to do with excess produce. You can either sell it, donate it, or sell it at a lower cost for families in need.

Next we will discuss the next steps with you, from design to irrigation and from installation to maintenance and harvest.

Digital Assessment Cost: $997 (virtual, available anywhere in the USA) – $1,497 (in-person, currently only available in the DFW TX area)