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Welcome to Nutrifarms

We Provide Fresh, Locally Grown Food To Every Family One Edible Landscape At A Time.

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To provide healthy, fresh, locally grown food to every family, child and community, one beautiful, edible landscape at a time.


We leverage our specific know-how, along with our technology, to turn your landscape into a beautiful, edible garden that produces healthy food for you, your family, and your community, day in and day out.

Join the Movement with our

“Grow. Eat. Share.”



Strategically located Nutri-Hubs are the heart of the local food production. Set up as a botanical garden, the Nutri-Hubs are not only producing food for the community, they also serve as an attraction for locals and tourists alike and are the perfect educational tour for groups, individuals and schools. Individual homeowners can support our vision by transforming their own landscape into a beautiful edible landscape and contribute to the food production for their own family-and/or communities.


Nutrifarms specialized teams maintain all landscapes,harvest and replant as needed. The produce is centralized and sent to the hubs where it gets sorted, cleaned and packed for distribution. The value of the harvest is added onto the digital wallet of the homeowner for easy and transparent accounting.

Fresh, tasty, locally grown produce directly to your door?


Nutrifarms provides “growers” with a box of fresh veggies and fruit on a weekly basis, as well as distributes the excess of their harvest, based on their instructions. We can sell it for you, resulting in an extra revenue stream for you and your family. You can sell it at a heavily discounted rate, still offsetting your maintenance cost, but helping families in need at the same time.

Or you can donate it, in which case your excess harvest will go to people and organizations that can’t afford fresh food, even at the discounted rate.

Want to contribute?

Donate funds and we will ship produce to those in need.

We care about our communities and those in need. We choose local charities monthly to donate excess produce too. If you would like to help support, click the donate button and choose amount to donate. We appreciate you and so do those in need.

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